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Photographer: Serge Lee

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The Pop Bible from MY QUEEN♡♡♡
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The Pop Bible from MY QUEEN

Feb 23, 2014

A gente não tem foto juntos.                                                                           A gente perdeu o jeito de guardar recordações.                                         A gente só vive com os resquícios do passado, fico esperando e observando no que o presente vem a cada dia se tornando.

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Don’t Go

There’s a million things
That I could do to make you come home
But I know that I’d lose my mind
But I want you to take the phone call me
And say that You’re my own

Yesterday we were so strong
And now we feel just like all alone
I promised you baby that my arms would be like ur home
Even Though you and I weren’t together
But I won’t make this promise come true
Cause I need to be here with you

Baby please don’t go
Stay and help me to recover myself of this sickness that’s You
Because not everybody has someone like you
I thank God for bringing me baby You
Stay with me, call me every night
I know that You love me, I feel that You love me
You know that I care for You and I know that you care fo’ me
So don’t need to pretend that our love wasn’t true
Just because yesterday we were that blue
Then baby please, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go

Since I saw your shadow coming through the corridor
Maybe I was too blind to see
That I was never that how I felt alone (except some days)
We are like ourselves homes

Boy then If You just take your way
And leave our home, I’d get up and quickly pick up the phone
‘Cuz we were so innocent and so lovely back then
(but now we’re getting our ways)
I Felt you leave, the wind blew stronger and the sky turned colder
But now is your day, It’s Your choice to do
But baby please, don’t go